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Play-Based Daycare
Using Play to grow!

About us

Pinkham Daycare Inc offers comprehensive play based program designed to allow children to grow independently with nurturance and guidance from licensed Early Childhood Educators. Every child is given opportunity to develop the necessary life skills in accordance with their chronological age. Our program focuses on children developing their emotional, physical, intellectual and social skills through trial and error problem solving

Specalized Care

Our programs are based on child inspired activities and a theme-based curriculum designed around the yearly calendar. The centre is a proactive inclusive program incorporating the resources of the community, reflected in our daily teachable moments.

We provide three levels of specialized care to service all of your families needs.


3 months through 24 months


2 years through 5 years

School Age

6 years through 12 years

Contact Us

Find Us

Infant to Preschool Program: 765 Pacific Ave

School Age Program: 759 Ross Ave

Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.